Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security and Anti-Virus Patch

No need to update your blacklisted keys any longer. This patch PERMANENTLY patches your Kaspersky software, allowing you to have the latest software, fully licensed without the worry of being blacklisted.

With this patch, you can download updates from Kaspersky, and be updated every second with the latest anti-virus and firewall technology.

1. Download and install Kaspersky (Activate with a Trial License)
2. Go to Kaspersky’s settings, click Options, and untick Enable Self-Defence
3. Exit Kaspersky
4. Go to Start, run, then type regedit and press enter
5. Press CTRL+F and type in ProductStatus and hit enter
6. Double click ProductStatus and change Release to Beta (it may say Trial instead of Release)
7. Press OK then open Kaspersky.
8. Tick Activate beta license then press Next and Finish
9. Re-enable Self-Defence.
10. Every 30 days Kaspersky will ask for a license, simply click Activate Beta and boom you’re good to go

If it still doesn’t work, some users found re-installing the application worked, or removing the existing license key allowed the patch to work.

Common Problems
*Delete the old key before running the patch.
*Make sure Kaspersky isn’t running
*Reboot before activating the beta license

Download Here !!!

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