Thursday, November 10, 2011

BB App: Font Control v3.30.51

*** If you want to keep Font Control FREE, please post a five star review ! ***
!!! Choose your own Halloween font - new fonts are added every day !!!
Take control of your BlackBerry fonts using the BEST FREE Font Manager application !
Want to break the monotony of the standard BlackBerry fonts ? Need to make your phone prettier ?
Font Control allows you to use any of the THOUSANDS FREE TTF FONTS available on the web to customize your lovely BlackBerry.

* Preview of all installed fonts, display complete font details including the font vendor home page (where you can find more pretty fonts)
* Install new fonts manually or from the web
* Uninstall the fonts which you no longer need to keep your device running better (do not worry, they will be archived)
* Full control over the System Font (which is used from all apps installed on your BlackBerry)
* Select one of the 10 different styles
* Select size from 3pt to 20 pt
* Select one of the four possible effects
* Control the antialias mode
* Browse and install fonts directly from .zip file
* Font configuration (including the selected system font) is kept after device reboot !
* Full archive of all fonts which you have installed in the past - never lose a font again !
* Ability to restore fonts from archive
* Extremely low CPU overhead
* User friendly interface
* Support for OS 5.0, OS 6.0 AND ALSO OS 7.0
* Best of all - this app is ABSOLUTELY FREE

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