Friday, November 11, 2011

BB App: Nixie Clock v1.5

Enjoy the elegance and beauty of a Nixie Tube Clock on your BlackBerry. Rich graphical rendering with glass tubes containing a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes. Enjoy the real tube as it was designed in the 1950′s.

* Very high resolution Nixie tube, using the entire width of your screen for better results.
* 12 or 24 hour time modes
* 4 different Nixie tubes to choose from (amber, red, green, blue)
* Always On option (the screen won’t turn off)
* Optional date on the main screen
* NEW: Auto launch when charging device
Minimum Requirements:
* All BlackBerry Models
o Any color BlackBerry with OS 4.2 or higher
o 700KB free memory
Display Dimensions
240 x 260, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 480 x 320, 480 x 360
Operating System
4-7 OS

Download Here:
Offline Installer (


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