Friday, October 29, 2010

Cyberlink PowerDirector Version 8

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Portable Robokill: Titan Prime v02

Robokill is a top-down shooter where players can configure their robots using weapons and upgrades acquired from defeated enemies, crates or even bought from the shop located at the starting point of each map. The game offers ten levels split into three episodes..

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
800 MHz
256 MB RAM

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3

Download Here!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 10 0 Mark II 3D Build 2113 RePack 61 MB only!!!

Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra 10 0 Mark II 3D Build 2113 RePack
Original size: 260 MB | Repack size: 61.25 MB

Friday, October 15, 2010

CyberLink YouCam 4 with_serialNumber

Cyberlink YouCam software makes online chatting so much FUN with Webcam effects in chats that will impress your message system contacts. YouCam has built-in face tracking that keeps you the focus of attention. You can wear funny head gear like hats or masks or can be one of many different 3D avatars that mimic your facial movements. Not only that, put yourself in lights with scene effects, allowing you to appear on a public billboard in Times Square or even Picadilly Circus. Download YouCam Webcam video software and try adding all sorts of cool Webcam effects to your video chats today.

Engaging Video Effects

Funnier than ever, your webcam's favorite software companion, NEW YouCam 3, is packed with cool video effects for online live chats and video recording. Endless hours of fun are in store for you.

Headgear gadgets NEW:
Get your head in the game with new headgear gadgets for role playing as a Chinese opera singer, nurturing nurse, or belligerent viking. YouCam's new facial tracking technology tracks head movements with fine precision.
Scene Effects NEW: Make the scene with YouCam's new background effects. Are you ready for supermodel stardom, as your visage is plastered on billboard ads in Times Square or Piccadilly Circus?
Video recording themes NEW: Automatically apply a range of themed effects for your videos! Perfect for birthdays and all kinds of special occasions.
Emotional stamping & stomping IMPROVED: Take control over your online emotions when chatting and recording live.
Sweet 16 Avatars MORE: With 16 doppelgangers to choose from, find a suitable alter ego for your online chats. YouCam's new facial tracking technology maps your facial expression accurately so smile away.
Thousands of effects at DirectorZone: Featuring uploaded content from thousands of creative users, find lots of new frames and templates for your videos daily...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

richard_vission_and_static_revenger_feat_luciana-i_like_that.mp3_(ost_Step Up 3D)

I like that-
my body rocks a rhythm
you beat my drum hard
I might just kick it kick it
you wanna lick it lick it
I love to stick it stick it
from London to LA

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bahaya Minum Teh Ais!!!

Siapa tak suka minum teh ais? Rasanya yang manis,membuatkan teh ais menjadi minuman kegemaran orang ramai.

Populariti teh ais terbukti dengan kehadirannya di hampir semua tempat makan dari warung hinggalah restoran mahal.

Tapi tahukah korang, di balik kenikmatannya, teh ais menyimpan potensi merbahaya bagi kesihatan.Kajian di Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine mengungkap bahawa minum teh ais berlebihan dapat meningkatkan risiko sakit Batu Karang!