Sunday, May 9, 2010

iZ3D 3DAP | Desktop Utilities

iZ3D 3DAP | 15 MB

The program consists of a versatile player with the included drivers for all types of video cards, which allow to obtain three-dimensional image on the screen home monitor.

3D technology applied to the massive Hollywood in 2001, so all the movies that were released after this year, you can safely watch in 3D right in your home. The only exceptions are black and white movies - when they are created are slightly different technology, does not allow playing three-dimensional image.

To make your monitor a three-dimensional need - falls to install the driver from iZ3D, then wearing 3D glasses you can enjoy your favorite games and movies in 3D. For the driver and get 3D effect does not require your monitor from iZ3D. When properly setup the driver image created games will be translated into a format similar to that used in cinemas on sessions 3D.

After you install and run in a window iZ3D Control Center exhibit Stereo Output on Anaglyph. The following list, you can specify the color stereo glasses.

Extras. Information:
If the option Enable Stereo by Hot-Key to activate press the Num *
Full list of keyboard shortcuts for fine-tuning is in the Control Center
Stereo glasses are required. Also possible to make them at home.

Stavte driver and enjoy the unique three-dimensional image.

Title: iZ3D Media Player Classic (Video Player for stereo movies)
Developer: iZ3D
Platform: XP/Vista/7
Language: English only


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