Saturday, May 8, 2010

Add-on Download Speed Up Firefox Free Download

Accelerating your download speed about 10x. How? First, listen to my life story. I’m a fan for Internet Download Manager (IDM). After migrating to ubuntu, I didn’t found any of my favorite download manager and download accelerator like IDM and FDM. I decided to use the dTA (down them all). Then, I found the download manager for linux. D3X, Gwget and Axel. Their downloading experience didn’t same as IDM and FDM. But one of Mozilla addons catch my attention.

The FireDownload. What I know about this application is it can accelerate download speed about 10x faster than usual built-in browser downloader. This addon is in beta when I write this article. Still h ave some bugs. It kill my browsing speed!

Add-ON :
fireaddons 1.1.7

NEW!!! FireDownload 2.0.1
Works with:Firefox: 3.5 – 3.6.*


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