Saturday, May 29, 2010

Speedbit Video Accelerator Free Download

Speedbit Video AcceleratorDo you experience any hiccup while watching streaming videos? I'm sure it takes place once in a while. Buffering problem does not only affect dial up users but it also happens on high speed users. Speedbit Video Accelerator provides promising solution by employing ground-breaking algorithm that will effectively reduce buffering problems and video interruptions.
Basically it works by pulling up multi-connection streaming as opposed to single connection. The end result is an (up to) 5 times faster connection, which handles the cache buffering (the “preloading” of the movie) much more efficiently.
Currently it supports more than 50 video sharing websites (YouTube (Partial), Metacafe, Dailymotion, Tunes (Premium), Photobucket, Reuters, MySpace, Tudou, ESPN, Bebo, Break, Heavy, CNET TV and many more) with the number of sites supported by this software keeps growing.

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