Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blackberry Vintage Cocky Culture Theme Free Download

Cocky Culture has released a theme that is nostalgic and fun, and my new favorite theme. I love the look, the way it decorates my BlackBerry. I have to show this with you. It’s not just decorated, it’s enhanced. Cocky Culture always has great and original themes, but honestly really love this one.

When I first saw this theme, I thought it was just wallpaper, but it looks really nice. It’s more than that. Each letter and shape you highlight and click will take you to your destined feature.  The time is hot pink and sits on the side which can be opened up. There”s a designated bar of icons which are customizable to whatever you have up in your first row. It’s colorful and resembles the 70′s meets newspaper.

Next is when you open up the menu, the icons are all colorful and fun and you can tell what they are, but I really like how accessible the features are from the homescreen. If you like nostalgic looks, you’ll love Vintage.

Download Here For OTA Installer:
(85xx / 9300 – OS5)
(9300 – OS6)
(8900 / 96xx / 9700 – OS5)
(9650 / 9700 / 9780 – OS6)

Download Here For Offline Installer:



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