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Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager - is an indispensable tool for active internet users: the program completely automates password entering and other data on Web pages, saving you from having to create and remember passwords. Using Kaspersky Password Manager for authentication, you can be confident in keeping your data: the program creates an exceptionally strong password, but also prevents theft of your identity, putting all the information in a special database on your computer in encrypted form.
Instant Sign
Kaspersky Password Manager remembers the settings you use to access web resources (login and password). The next time you visit a site, the program will automatically default to the identification data - you do not have to type username and password each time manually. Kaspersky Password Manager also works with applications that require authentication (Outlook, etc.)

Reliable protection of your passwords
Kaspersky Password Manager store passwords and other personal information used to fill in web forms (address, phone number, credit card number, etc.) is encrypted on your computer. Access to the stored information is possible only with a master password or other user-defined method of authentication (connect USB-or Bluetooth-device), which ensures your privacy and prevent their theft by hackers.

The choice of how to access password database
Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to control access to the password database, not only with a master password, but with different USB-and Bluetooth-enabled devices. As such a device can be selected mobile phone: with Bluetooth-establish the connection between mobile phone and a computer database of passwords will be unlocked and all the required fields on websites - login, password, address, etc. - Will be inserted automatically. Once a Bluetooth-connection will be terminated, access to the password database is automatically blocked.

Generation of unique, strong passwords
Confidentiality and integrity of your data depends on the reliability of passwords. Very often for different ***s using the same or very similar to each other and passwords by cracking a single password, the attacker can easily gain access to all user*** s. With built-in password generator Kaspersky Password Manager will help you create unique and resistant to cracking passwords for each***.

Import passwords from other programs
Passwords are automatically saved in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, stored in clear and easily accessible to intruders. Kaspersky Password Manager lets you transfer passwords from unprotected areas in the encrypted password database that will ensure the safety of your personal data.

Access to passwords using the portable version
The portable version allows use of the Kaspersky Password Manager on any computer using a portable device - for example, USB-drive. Disabling removable media Kaspersky Password Manager automatically closes and another computer will not remain your data.

Automatic filling long web forms
To register on the website, except your username and password are often used other personal data such as name, date of birth, email address, phone number, country of residence, etc. Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to save your time and fill long registration forms automatically based on pre-existing user cards with personal data. To keep separate business and separate private information, you can use several identification cards.

Keeping multiple ***s for a single Web resource
In some cases it is necessary to maintain multiple passwords for a single Web page, for example, if you have multiple mailboxes in one mail service: for personal and work correspondence. Kaspersky Password Manager allows you to save multiple logins for one*** and when accessing the resource asked what name the user must authenticate.

Automatic backups
Kaspersky Password Manager automatically creates a backup of your system password database each time it changes. You can easily restore your passwords, if the current directory has been accidentally damaged or if you want to undo the last change. Thus, the program provides an additional level of protection of your personal data.

Effective response to keyloggers
Keylogger - this is a malicious program, which tracks the sequence of keystrokes to obtain personal data, such as passwords. Kaspersky Password Manager fills the form fields on web resources and applications automatically, without using the keyboard, which effectively protects your data from keyloggers.

Phishing - a type of fraud on the Internet: an attacker sends you an email with a request to visit the website to confirm your *** information - for example, the Internet bank. The fake site looks like a real and an unsuspecting user voluntarily enters username and password. Kaspersky Password Manager authenticates the website before entering the login and password, which effectively prevents phishing attacks.

Platform: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7
License: Cracked
Size: 7.37 Mb




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