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Kaspersky KryptoStorage 1.0.215 English | Security and Spyware » Antivirus (IS-AV)

Kaspersky KryptoStorage 1.0.215 English
Kaspersky KryptoStorage - a system of cryptographic protection of sensitive information stored on a personal computer from unauthorized access. To protect the information the mechanism of transparent encryption. As the encryption algorithm used is AES. In granting access to secure information used for authorization password.

Provides an additional level of protection for your data.
In the case of virus attack, while working in unprotected wireless networks, the loss or theft of USB-drive or laptop Kaspersky KryptoStorage ensure the confidentiality of encrypted your information. Nobody will be able to use your personal data for commercial purposes.

Encrypt folders and partitions with important data, preventing the theft of information.
Kaspersky KryptoStorage allows you to place important information in encrypted folders and containers, as well as encrypt logical drives using the reliability of the encryption algorithm AES-128. Kaspersky KryptoStorage prevents unauthorized access to encrypted objects.

Allows any time to add new files to a container or folder of encrypted information, as well as move the container on a USB-drive or another computer.
One creates an encrypted container or folder, you can always add them with new files, copy or move the container on a USB-drive or another computer, and send it by e-mail.

Encrypts data "on the fly, giving you free to work with encrypted files.
Enter a password for access to the encrypted folder, container or drive, you can safely work with the encrypted object, and thus they remain inaccessible to intruders.

Restricts access to encrypted objects, protecting them from removal or alteration.
Access to the encrypted object is possible only with a password, so nobody except you can not get access to important data or you want to delete the file. This is to protect valuable information including virus that encrypts the user data for ransom for their decryption.

Removed from the computer you specify files and folders without the possibility of their recovery.
Typically, a file deleted in the usual way, very easy to recover, which could lead to the disclosure of confidential information - for example, if you have lost your USB-drive, or you stole a laptop. However, with the help of Kaspersky KryptoStorage you can guarantee to remove the file so that it will recover completely impossible.

Makes complicated encryption technology information accessible to ordinary users.
Now, to encrypt important information for you, do not need to be technology experts. With Kaspersky KryptoStorage your personal data protected from intruders.

Developer: Kaspersky Lab
Language: English
OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven
License: In archive
Size: 9.45 Mb




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