Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pure Oil Series 01

Pure Oil Series 01 is a 100% pure argania spinosa oil, certified organic by Ecocert. Argan oil is an oil that is formed from the nuts of the Argan tree. This tree is also known as the Argania Spinosa and is only naturally found in the South Western region of Morocco. Argan oil is ideal for being used in culinary diets due to its strong aroma and delicacy.

Argan oil has also gained worldwide reputation as nature’s anti-aging skin care resolution. It has been accepted as one of the best oils in the world. It is rich in essential acids and Vitamin E. Besides being used as an anti-aging product scientific research show that Argan oil has essential components that are valued for medicinal and beauty values.

Argan Oil for skin care

By its essential components, argan oil has the benefit of correcting deficiencies that may occur with age and also lead to loss of elasticity of the skin and dehydration. Argan oil is also able to stimulate intracellular oxygenation, protect the soft tissues in the body and neutralize free radicals. Recent studies have also shown that Argan oil is a good source of building compounds that are needed by the body in order to manufacture cell membranes.

This oil serves as a natural and organic treatment for dermatological disorders such as acne in adolescents and eczema. Women who have stretch marks as a result of pregnancy also use this oil to eliminate the marks.

Research has also shown that Argan oil is a natural solution that can be used to defend the skin against harmful UV exposure that is known to cause skin cancer.

Argan Oil, Optimum Nutrition for the Skin

Similar to the body’s innate need to maintain collagen and necessary levels of hydration, the skin also needs to be replenished and fed well in order to function optimally. This is where Argan oil comes in as food for the skin.

Argan Oil for Replenishing the Skin

The active compounds contained in the oil are essential for regulating healthy skin. In addition, these compounds perform important roles in the management of lipids, maintenance of the epidermis, production of sebum and formation of prostaglandin.

Argan Oil as a Massage Product

Since Argan oil is rich in prostaglandins, it is generally useful for patients that suffer from rheumatologic conditions and other related cardio vascular diseases. Next to this the oil is made up of squatene which is a rare and unique component that helps prevent skin cancer in individuals. These active ingredients make Argan oil one of the best massage product.

What Argan oil can do for your hair

Argan oil restores the shine of dull hair and helps advance hair growth. It also helps eliminate dandruff and combating hair loss. Unsaturated fats, which compose argan oil, are responsible for making hair acquire that strong body. These fatty acids also contain omage-6, which is highly effective in improving the health of hair. The natural antioxidants contained in the oil will ensure that the cellular membranes are protected. Over all, the scalp will also find protection and healing.


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